Supro 1303 Boost Pedal

$265.00 $199.00



Push Your Tube Amp to Sweet Saturation
Drive the preamp of your vintage tube amp into modern-rock territory and beyond with the Supro Boost. This JFET booster pedal provides 20dB of noiseless gain to add sweet harmonic saturation and sustain to the amp tone you already know and love. A Dark/Bright toggle lets you thin out humbuckers or fatten single-coils to better carve out or claim your space in the mix. The Supro Boost even lets you control a custom gain range with an expression pedal for cranking up on the fly without losing your sweet spot – great for solos and coaxing feedBack from your amp.

Noiseless true bypass switching is quiet and click free
The Supro Boost is built studio clean with noiseless true bypass switching that won’t pop when you engage it. Sweetwater guitarists appreciate this feature onstage and in the studio.

Supro Boost Pedal Features:
+20dB JFET clean boost pedal
Drives tube amps for added saturation and sustain
6dB/octave highpass (Bright) and lowpass (Dark) filter toggle lets you tailor your tone
Rugged brushed aluminum housing
TRS expression pedal port lets you sweep through gain settings on the fly
9V battery or optional 9-18VDC AC adapter